Parish Health Ministry Team

Parish Health Ministry was established in 2018 to attend to the health of the congregation.

The vision of the Parish Health ministry is to share the love of Christ through promoting safety, health, and wellness in the lives of the Church Street United Methodist Church (CSUMC) family.

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of this ministry is to provide supportive health related and spiritual care to the CSUMC family by the Parish Health Team (PHT). The Parish Health Team (PHT) is a group of trained volunteers from a variety of healthcare backgrounds and experiences (e.g., nurses, dietitians, social workers and other mental health professionals, pharmacists, and others).

GOAL: The goal of the Parish Health ministry is to enable CSUMC to respond more fully to the health needs of the CSUMC family through organized programs and visitation designed to extend a positive, Christ-centered response to those who are dealing with their own health issues or those of a loved one.


  1. Promote the ability of the CSUMC family to care for one another.
  2. Provide advocacy, education, and support while promoting safety and well-informed decisions for health care needs.
  3. Assist individuals in navigating complex medical care systems.
  4. Empower individuals to be good stewards of their health. Encourage and support spiritual growth and well being, to include spiritual resources for health and healing.

For more information about Parish Health Ministry, please contact Vicky Shelton.

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For more information about the Parish Health Ministry, please call the front office at 865-524-3048.


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