Christian Education

Christian education is a vital part of Church Street’s ministry in the community. Since its beginning and because of its proximity to the University of Tennessee, Church Street has been home to and attracted scholars of all types: religious and biblical leaders, historians, artists and architectural experts, community and social justice leaders, and more. Whether it is engaging with one of our Sunday School classes or attending a special lecture series or educational event, there is always something new to learn at Church Street.

Holston Conference Read Together Initiative in 2022

A New Year is an excellent opportunity to introduce a new discipline or to restore some vitality to old spiritual rhythms. Church Street UMC wants to provide you with options for spiritual development  in the New Year.

Holston Conference Bishop, Debra Wallace-Padgett, is inviting you to join her in a plan to read the entire bible in one year. The reading plan, linked here, splits up the readings according to the day of the week, so that each week you read Gospel lessons, Psalms, prophets, histories, etc. Each day of the week will include chapters from different writing genres in scripture:

  • Sunday – Gospel
  • Monday – Law
  • Tuesday – History
  • Wednesday – Psalms
  • Thursday – Poetry
  • Friday – Prophets
  • Saturday – Epistles

Beginning January 2, all subscribers to the Holston Conference “Daily Devotional” email list will receive a daily email with all of the day’s readings attached. The readings will be based on the Common English Bible (CEB).

Many “Bible in a year” plans have you read the books in canonical order, from Genesis to Revelation. Such a reading can be helpful, but it can also be challenging to stay focused. This plan will continuously give diverse readings throughout the year. Learn more from Bishop Wallace-Padgett and get more resources about this reading journey here

Reading scripture is an act of prayer, and prayer should be enhanced and guided by scripture. As a supplement/pray guide for 2022 you can use the daily prayer resources in the back of the United Methodist Hymnal. There are short patterns for different times of day that can be found in the back of the hymnal. There are also some websites, such as that have hymns, prayers, and scripture readings included.

Education at Church Street

All are invited to join in small groups and adult education at Church Street. Click here to contact Rev. Tim Best if you need assistance in getting connected to a class or study. You have a place here!