Christian Education

Christian education is a major part of Church Street’s ministry in the community. Since its beginning and in part due to its proximity to the University of Tennessee, Church Street has been home to and attracted scholars of all types: religious and biblical leaders,  historians, artists and architectural experts, community and social justice leaders, and more. Whether it is engaging with one of our Sunday School classes or attending a special lecture series or educational event, there is always something new to learn at Church Street.

2020 Summer Lecture Series

Church Street is delighted to host its annual Summer Lecture Series, in which scholars from diverse disciplines
connect their research and efforts to our faith and beliefs.

Click here to join the webinar each week
(free and open to the public)


Zoom is implementing required passwords beginning in mid-July.
You will need a password to join, and attendees will be admitted from a waiting room.
The password is 12718.

All are invited to enjoy and learn from the following guest lecturers,
on Sundays at 6:30 pm via Zoom, beginning on Sunday, July 12:

July 12

Charles Lomax, Director of Community Empowerment, City of Knoxville, Pastor at St. John Missionary Baptist Church

“Our Responsibilities as Christians and Voters in the Age of Black Lives Matter”

July 19

Erin Darby, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, University of TN, and Robert Darby, Lecturer in the School of Art, University of TN

“Baptizing Soldiers on the Roman Frontier: An Archeological Dig and the Early Christian Church in Jordan”

July 26

Brent Strawn, Professor of Old Testament and Professor of Law, Duke Divinity School

“Is the Bible a Story or a Song?”

August 2

Thomas Heffernan, Professor Emeritus of English, University of TN

“‘Take up the Cross and Follow Me’: Early Christian Martyrs Die for Their Faith”