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During this unprecedented and uncertain time, Church Street offers a virtual home and opportunities to stay connected and sustained through the Word of God and the ministries of Church Street. Bookmark this page and check back weekly for scripture, pastoral messages, opportunities to participate, and other updates.


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Church Street is currently closed to non-staff persons. If you need pastoral assistance, please contact the Pastor On-Call number at 865-320-9100.


Click here to read the June 23 2nd edition of the Holston Conference’s “Taking Steps Forward Faithfully and Safely” about re-opening Holston Conference churches.

Church Street Operations Plan

To review the regathering plan in its entirety, as of June 11, click the link below.


Please note, this plan is evolving as more data becomes available. Look for updates to continue. At this time, Church Street does not have a re-opening date yet.

Click Here to View the Regathering Guidelines

Click Here to see the Church Street Check-In Report (Survey Results)

Watch a Brief Message about Regathering for In-Person Worship


Prayer for Today – August 10

BINDING SOUL AND SOURCE Daily Prayers of the Church Street family August 10, 2020 Pastor Jan   God of Our Awakening, a new day comes through your grace, and with it comes your untouched opportunities. May the fresh wind of your Spirit awaken our sluggish hearts, that you might bring to life the joy you […]

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10

Year-Long Bible Study

August 3

Isaiah 37-39

August 9

Isaiah 60-63

August 4

Isaiah 40-42

August 10

Isaiah 64-66

August 5

Isaiah 43-45

August 11

Jeremiah 1-3

August 6

Isaiah 46-49

August 12

Jeremiah 4-6

August 7

Isaiah 50-54

August 13

Jeremiah 7-8

August 8

Isaiah 55-59

August 14

Jeremiah 9-11

August 15

Jeremiah 12-15

August 21

Jeremiah 31-32

August 16

Jeremiah 16-18

August 22

Jeremiah 33-35

August 17

Jeremiah 19-22

August 23

Jeremiah 36-38

August 18

Jeremiah 23-25

August 24

Jeremiah 39-41

August 19

Jeremiah 26-28

August 25

Jeremiah 42-44

August 20

Jeremiah 29-30

August 26

Jeremiah 45-48


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